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Street furniture planters, street planters

city planters, exterior planters, outdoor planters

ZANO Street Furniture planters provide a contemporary and elegant way to introduce planting into an environment. They are classically styled models which are embellished with copper to give a fantastic aesthetic. Those projects can be used to brighten up urban landscapes. They may also be used to separate pedestrians or streetscape elements from vehicles permanently or temporarily. ZANO offer a wide range of planters comprising: street furniture planters, street planters, city planters, exterior planters and outdoor planters. A number of styles and designs are offered across our catalogue. All products are manufactured in a wide range of materials and styles, which allows you to create the ideal planters for your landscape. You can choose from: metal planters, stainless steel planters, concrete planters and carbon steel planters. Presented models are available in a full range of sizes from XS to XL. Modern or perhaps classic? ZANO company produce industrial metal planters, designed especially for modern environments, as well as classic outdoor planters, which combine timeless style with best quality materials. Our planters are designed to permanently enhance the elegance of both public and private developments. ZANO planters provide a unique timeless aesthetic to any environment and enable the creation of green urban spaces.

Carbon steel planters

Black steel planters are elegantly styled models combining metal construction with wooden ornaments and modern aesthetic. They are ideal elements of street furniture which are embellished with copper to give a fantastic aesthetic. Those planters are functional and beautifully styled. The adaptability of these carbon steel planters makes them suitable for use in a wide variety of contexts. Carbon steel planters can be installed in numbers as well as works as a solitary projects. Presented models work in harmony with even the most contemporary of outside spaces. They can also be used in special locations to designate their unique character. You can choose from all RAL palette standard colours to create your perfect outdoor carbon steel planter. ZANO planters are elegant and practical projects- suitable for parks, alleys and main squares.

Planters manufacturer

ZANO company provides full-scale urban architectural services with experience across the spectrum of the street furniture planters area. We produce our bicycle planters to provide a clean, contemporary aesthetic. We are passionate about creating beautiful, original, sustainable and also functional models that are not only responsive to our clients’ needs, but also to their community and surroundings. Those models work perfectly installed in numbers as well as just a solitary projects. They may be used to separate pedestrians or streetscape elements from vehicles permanently or temporarily. ZANO Street Furniture offer a wide range of plants in a variety of materials including: carbon steel, concrete and stainless steel. ZANO planters are available in full range of sizes- from XS-XL and in circular, rectangular and square shapes. They can ideally assist in adding floral arrangements to your landscape.

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