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The template below shows samples of softwood, lacquered in individual colours.

  • The manufacturer does not guarantee that all wooden elements in delivered product will be identical (such effect would be impossible to achieve because it is a natural attribute of wood).
  • The final colour of wooden elements may slightly differ from the colour on a sample.

On individual order, every colour indicated by the customer is available.

The Oak colour


The pictures below present street furniture made of softwood with "Oak" colouring. Duo loungers and the table Amicus with chairs are made of carbon steel painted in colour 9005 RAL, while benches Simple set with tree pots are 7024 RAL steel.

The Mahogany colour


The photos below show the Flash swivel lounger made of steel and softwood in the colour "mahogany"

The Teak colour


The photos below show Photon bench and Flash line furniture made of painted carbon steel and spruce wood lacquered "Teak" colour.

The Cypress colour

colour cypress European coniferous woodcypress

The furniture below has wood in the colour Cypress. The steel used for their production is carbon steel painted in 9005 RAL and stainless steel.

The Walnut colour


Below you will find the Photon solar bench in a carbon steel version painted in 9006 RAL, and with the use of softwood, painted in Walnut colour. The last photo shows a Photon bench with wood in "Walnut", and steel painted 7021 RAL - dark graphite.

Any colour is available on request.

Hardwood is available as an option at a surcharge. Hardwood is impregnated with oil of different colours. Oiling influences the colour of the wood. Below are examples of wood species:


Light hardwood of African origin, with an uneven colour from yellow to gold to brown.


Below you can see pictures using Iroko wood. As the realizations show, the color tone is wide and the wood from the same batch is not uniform in color.


Hardwood with significantly higher resistance to weathering. The wood is golden to reddish-brown in colour.


Below are pictures using Sapela wood. The wood is characterized by a gentle tone with colors ranging from golden to red-brown.


This is hardwood of Asian origin. It has many varieties depending on the region of origin and characteristics. Depending on the species, Meranti has a creamy colour with transitions in pink and red and brown. It is an irregularly coloured wood.

Exotic wood Merantimeranti


Tauari is an hardwood from South America. Otherwise it is called "Brazilian oak". It is a light, warm-colored wood with a noble grain expression. It is very solid and durable, very resistant to damage. Its special feature is its smell, similar to that of linen, which can persist for a very long time.

Exotic wood Tauaritauari

Below is the implementation of Stilo bench 02.448 and Flash double benches and Domino outdoor tables made of stainless steel and Tauari hardwood


Jatoba is an hardwood from Africa. It is characterised by its warm, reddish colour and distinctive grain. Its advantages include high durability and hardness. It is the heaviest wood in our offer. When using this species, the higher weight of the product should be taken into account.

Jatoba hardwoodJatoba

Below is the Photon 02.009 solar bench with backrest.


  • A unique feature of hardwood is its strength and wide colour tone within one species of wood. Keep this in mind when ordering furniture made of hardwood.
  • The colouring of wooden elements will be similar to the proposed but not identical to the sample sent in.
  • The color of the furniture may differ from the actual color of the furniture in the picture on the monitor.
  • Please note that wood undergoes a natural aging process. Over time, the color will lose its original saturation.

HPL in our offer are used as a substitute for wooden elements. The use of HPL requires structural changes to the furniture. Their advantage is extreme resistance to weather conditions. They are less susceptible to sunlight, wind and moisture than wood. HPL is a flame retardant material. Thanks to appropriate technology, laminates retain their original appearance longer.

High Pressure Laminate

Duroplastic pressure laminate (HPL) according to EN 438-6 type EDF. The laminate is highly resistant to ageing, thanks to a layer of doubly hardened acrylic-polyurethane resins. It is a flame retardant material.

High Pressure Laminate wood imitationHPL

HPL boards are mainly used in outdoor furniture. Below is an application of the laminate in a smoking shelter, tables and garden furniture from the Bus series.

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