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On your special request, we can realize: milling in wood, cutting in steel, etching in steel. Thanks to these techniques we are able to place your logos, logos, names, shorter and longer texts, etc. on our products. For more information please contact our office. Below you will find examples of realizations.

Wood milling

The pictures and videos below show the process and effect of milling in wood. On your special request we mill in wooden elements: logo, inscription, any sign or symbol.

Milling in wood parts in bench | ZANO Street Furniture

Crest and name of the city placed in a wooden backrest.

Milling in wood parts in bench | ZANO Street Furniture

Cutting out the design, name and logo in the wood. The use of a CNC milling machine gives great opportunities to personalize your order.

Milling in wood parts in bench | ZANO Street Furniture

Milling the logotype and name of the city in wood. Spruce wood, varnished "Nut" colour | Vienna bench 02.072

Milling in wood parts in bench | ZANO Street Furniture

Recycling bins need to be well described. Milling in wooden parts of the recycling bins is ideal here.
This is a more durable solution that also provides aesthetic value. In this case, spruce wood covered with clear varnish is used.
Flash recycling bin 15.025

Memorial bench with the coat of arms of the Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences.
The cutter is placed on a wooden backrest of the bench. Spruce wood covered with varnish "Cyprys" was used here. |
Tristad bench 02.022

Realisation for Ergo Hestia | Classic bench | Exotic wood

Classic bench 02.019 with milled backrest for Ergo Hestia. Exotic wood Iroko was used here. Iroko is a type of hardwood, which makes the cut-out look noble and precise.

Steel cutting

We cut out any logo, pictogram or sign in steel. The examples below show the implementation of special orders in this area.

We have the possibility to adjust our products to the customer's visual identification. Above the Kangu 18.004 bicycle repair station with the name Philip Morris cut out in steel.

Bicycle repair station Kangu for Bonarka for Bisuness

Laser cutting in stainless steel. Pictogram cut in steel. Pavo litter bin 03.063

Steel etching

We cut into steel elements of graphic signs, crests, logos, advertising slogans as well as longer texts. Examples are given below.

Modified Gravis bench 02.437 with historical note

Modified Gravis bench 02.437 with historical note

Salver litter bin 03.068 | Auchan Łomianki Shopping Center, Warsaw

How do we place your logo on our furniture?

All you need to do is deliver editable files in curves (formats .eps, .pdf, .ai, .cdr) to your order via e-mail. All other information can be obtained from our customer service office.

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