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On the market since 1988.

Company history and development

ZANO Smart City furniture

ZANO has been active on the market for 34 years. The head office and fully equipped production hall are located in the European Union area: in the south of Poland, in Krakow. Initially, the company focused on street furniture in the Retro style, equipping among others the historic Main Square in Krakow. Over time, the offer was enriched with urban furniture designs incorporating the latest design trends. In recent years, ZANO has entered a new stage of development by developing a new branch of "smart city" products - smart city furniture equipped with solar panels, WiFi access, Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports, LED lighting and speakers.

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Zano 3D design department - "design first"

With its own 3D design department - Zano has designed and put into production more than 500 unique urban furniture designs. In parallel, Zano advises on design, optimising the street furniture designs sent to us and - ultimately - producing urban furniture based on external designs. ZANO furniture is designed according to a "design first" approach: in order to make urban spaces more beautiful and accessible to users, design is at the forefront of our activities - both the appearance and function of urban furniture.

More about design collaboration: https://www.zano.pl/plus

Durable and noble materials

For the production of urban furniture, Zano mainly uses the materials most appreciated by users: black and stainless steel, softwood (local European species) and hardwood (exotic species) and HPL, a highly durable high-pressure laminate. This choice of materials means that the furniture not only looks good, but is also highly resistant to the harsh environmental conditions in which it has to work, such as high temperature amplitudes, humidity, pressure and atmospheric factors such as rain, snow and UV radiation from the sun.

You can find out more about the materials here: Steel types, Wood types and colours

International cooperation and export

Thanks to a strong online presence and a modern approach to the production and distribution of urban furniture, Zano has established partnerships with numerous professional business partners around the world. Zano now supplies street furniture - either through its network of partners or by involving its own sales department - to all parts of the world, including Europe, North America, India, the Middle East and even Japan. Thanks to its presence in many global markets, Zano has extensive experience of the optimum materials for use in a wide variety of climatic conditions - from warm, dry, strong sunlight to cold, humid and low sunlight climatic zones.

A list of Zano's international partners can be found HERE

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