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All season feeders, birds feeders, unique bird feeders

ZANO Street Furniture feeders are ideal for retro style urban architecture. They are adding timeless style and elegance to the surrounding landscape. ZANO company offer an all season feeders. The wide range of options is available which allows you to create ideal birdsfeeders for your landscape. Our models are made of cast iron- durable, aesthetic and low maintenance material. ZANO unique bird feeders can be coated in a colour of your choice from the RAL palette. Those feeders have special weather- resistant dome roof and open base which prevents molding. What is more, powder- coated metal dome roof protects birds and seeds. Zano birds feeders are durable, maintenance- free and long-life products. Presented bird feeders are designed especially for historical environments. They combine timeless style with the durability of metal. Our feeders are designed to permanently enhance the elegance of both public and private developments. We are sure that those models will bring nature to your doorstep.

Metal feeders

Nowadays, urban planners are therefore looking into functional and beautiful solutions for street furniture.ZANO metal feeders are ornamental and fully functional models with bright aesthetic appearance. Thanks to the special design of our birds feeders they are corrosion resistant and durable. Their aesthetic qualities of those models elegantly harmonize with surroundings. That is the reason why metal feeders are perfect for traditional, historical locations like: town centres, parks, schools and alleys . In our offer you will find functional and aesthetic metal all season feeders made of cast iron with beautiful ornaments. Those projects have elegant design that adapts to any surrounding or architectural style. They were designed to attract attention.

Feeders manufacturer

Our firm offer classic bird - feeders, ideal for retro style urban architecture. We produce feeders to provide a clean, contemporary aesthetic. We are passionate about creating beautiful, original, sustainable and also functional models that are not only responsive to our clients’ needs, but also to their community and surroundings. ZANO feeders have weather - resistant dome roof and open base prevents molding. Those elements protects also birds and seeds. Presented birds feeders are durable, low maintenance and long - life products. Our unique bird feeders are ornamental and elegant pieces of the street furniture. Those all season feeders enable you to create original combination in public and private environments.

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