Orbit Planter 06.450.5

Small architecture with style.

urban tree planter made of steel and finished with wooden planks

urban tree planter made of stainless steel and finished with wooden planks
Orbit - tree planter
Orbit series urban pots and benches
Orbit city furniture | seating furniture for the business area
Orbit Series | Urban furniture from ZANO
Orbit 06.450.5 | dimensions

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  • Stainless steel
  • construction - carbon steel

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  • width: 90 cm
  • height: 75 cm
  • depth: 90 cm

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  • soft wood
  • hardwood of European origin
  • hard wood (oil finish)
  • premium hard wood

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  • free-standing
  • attached by bolts to foundation

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Original project: Iwona Żaczek

All rights reserved.


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Model description

The Orbit 06.450.5 pot is another segment to complete the Orbit series of benches and pots. It is a higher variant of the 06.450.4 flowerpot with longitudinal boards.

The structure of the pot is made of steel profiles and bent and welded 4 mm thick steel sheets and wooden planks. Customers can choose construction materials such as galvanised carbon steel and powder-coated in a choice of RAL colour of your choiceor polished stainless steel. The wooden elements can be made of softwood, coniferous wood of European origin or hard exotic wood.

Orbit is a line of modular benches and pots, which can be combined in various compositions, which significantly enhances the appearance of the space in which they are placed. The interesting design and solid concept of the benches make the furniture from the Orbit series multi-purpose. They will perfectly fit in with both modern urban spaces and the interiors of office buildings or shopping malls. Due to their construction, they can be placed parallel to walls, in corners of rooms, or combined in compositions such as circles or hemispheres. The highest quality steel and wood used in their production ensure the Orbit ben ches' durability and beautiful appearance.

Orbit Series | ZANO Street Furniture

Orbit pots. Our offer includes three types of modular pots which can be combined with each other, differing in the shape of the base: a pot with an arch-shaped base, a low square pot and a high square pot.

Orbit Series | ZANO Street Furniture

ORBIT benches are available in three variants: left arch, right arch and bench with square base, which, as modular elements, can be freely combined with each other to create a variety of configurations.

Example compositions

Each of the benches and seats can be combined with each other in any
composition. Benches and seats can also be
as free-standing objects.

Orbit series urban pots and benchesOrbit city furniture | seating furniture for the business areaOrbit Series | Urban furniture from ZANOOrbit modular bench 02.450.1Orbit modular bench 02.450.2Orbit modular bench 02.450.2Orbit modular bench 02.450.2Modular Orbit Bench 02.450.3Modular Orbit Bench 02.450.3Modular Orbit Bench 02.450.3

Orbit line

The Orbit line is a collection of modular benches and planters that can be put together in a variety of compositions to create interesting space design elements. Thanks to its versatility, the elements of this series can be used to form both compact seating islands and loosely dispersed arrangements in larger squares.

Our benches

Our range includes dozens of bench models in a variety of styles. In addition to standard benches with a backrest, we also manufacture backless, double-sided or hexagonal benches. These include park benches, street benches, gallery benches and office benches.


ZANO is not just a dealer. In fact, as a manufacturer ofstreet furniture, we have the ability to meet the expectations of our customers by tailoring our designs to your individual needs.

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