Street furniture designing


The street furniture designing is a real art. Our architects and engineers try to look at the world in a fresh way. ZANO Street Furniture represents a combination of passion, skills and ideas converted into finished products. While designing we consider every little thing – model utility, materials, economics, dimensions, shape, appearance and style. Our realizations will enable you to create original combinations in public environments and attract attention.


ZANO Design Studio provides full – scale urban architectural services with experience across the spectrum of the street furniture, from retro to industrial design. Our projects offer modern, original aesthetic, which is making them highly suited to contemporary areas, such as: shopping centres, museums, galleries, main squares, business centres etc. They can be also used in special locations to designate their unique character.


Nowadays urban planners are therefore looking into stable and functional solutions for street furniture. Stainless steel request all those demands. It is a durable, hygienic, 100 % recyclable and safe material with low maintenance cost. That is the reason we choose it as a main material for our models. Thanks to the stainless steel our furniture can cope with the rigours of any environment. What is more, our selected high quality materials and processing techniques will ensure a robust street furniture ready to face all seasons.


Our street furniture models can stand as an individual components or together with other projects of city furniture. We always combine comfort and functionality in our furniture. ZANO Street Furniture models are perfect for those who love smart and original design solutions. In ZANO durability and solidity always go hand in hand with remarkable and modern taste. What is more, ZANO Design Street Furniture Studio shows also that advanced modern design does not always mean high price. We use our creativeness to make street furniture beautiful...

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