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Outdoor litter bins, park litter bins, street litter bins

ZANO Street Furniture offer a wide range of litter bins comprising: park litter bins, outdoor litter bins, street litter bins, litter bins for shopping centres and litter bins for schools. A number of styles and designs are offered across our catalogue. All products are manufactured in a wide range of materials and styles- elliptical, oval, square or maybe round litter bins? A number of options are available which allows you to create the ideal litter bin for your landscape. You can also choose from: metal litter bins, stainless steel litter bins, open top litter bins, litter bins with ashtrays and post-mounted bins. ZANO litter bins can be coated in a colour of your choice from the RAL palette. Modern or perhaps retro? ZANO company produce contemporary litter bins, designed especially for modern environments both inside and out, as well as retro outdoor litter bins, which combine timeless European style with the durability of metal and timber. Our litter bins are designed to permanently enhance the elegance of both public and private developments.

Stainless steel litter bins

Stainless steel litter bins definitely belong to the contemporary public urban furniture and areas where human traffic is heavy. They have a modern, minimalistic and original design. Such litter bins are mainly found in squares and parks, along avenues and at the shopping centres. In our offer you can choose from modern or retro models, with or without ashtray, simple or post-mounted etc. Stainless steel is absolutely the most durable and low maintenance material for street furniture. That is the reason why stainless steel litter bins stand up to harsh weather and vandalism. While a traditional litter bins might be seen as unattractive, our original stainless steel waste bins will surely add design and sophistication to every surroundings.

Litter bins manufacturer

Litter bins are an essential piece of street furniture in all of today’s landscapes. ZANO company provides full-scale urban architectural services with experience across the spectrum of the litter bins area. We are passionate about creating beautiful, original, sustainable and also functional models that are not only responsive to our clients’ needs, but also to their community and surroundings. ZANO Street Furniture offer a wide range of litter bins in a variety of materials including: cast iron, timber, steel, stainless steel and stainless steel with hardwood, as well as a wide range of options. Litter Bins can be coordinated with other pieces of street furniture from their extensive ranges, giving the architect a huge amount of choice and allowing them to create inspirational schemes within landscapes.

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