Pavo Litter Bin 03.063.1

Street Furniture with style.

Pavo litter bin- modern, durable and functional model
Pavo litter bin is a durable model made of stainless steel
Litter bin Pavo 03.063.1 | Product card
Litter bin made of painted carbon steel
Contemporary designed outdoor litter bin
Litter bin Pavo 03.063.1
Liotter bins made of hardwood
Stainless steel litter bin
Pavo street litter bin
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Weight: show hide

  • soft wood: 37 kg
  • hard wood (oil finish): 39 kg

Materials: show hide

  • construction - steel, wood
  • container - galvanised steel

Capacity: show hide

  • capacity: 50 l

Dimensions: show hide

  • height: 98 cm
  • depth: 36 cm
  • base width: 30 cm

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Casing: show hide

  • soft wood
  • hard wood (oil finish)
  • premium hard wood
  • HPL

Methods of installation: show hide

  • attached by bolts to foundation

Container: show hide

  • galvanized steel container

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Original project: Mateusz Wełmiński

All rights reserved.

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Description of the model

The Pavo litter bin has a fantastic stainless steel construction. It's durable and low- maintenance project. Pavo litter bin is a free-standing model. It's excellent example of modern design street furniture. Pavo litter bin has also a large capacity (52 l). Style and functionality perfectly combined.

Pavo litter bins

Pavo is a line of street furniture modern waste bins. It contains single litter bins, litter bins with ashtray as well as bins for segregated waste, also with ashtrays.

Opening method

Pavo litter bins are equipped with removable inserts of galvanized steel.

Pavo Litter Bin | Opening Method
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