Tubus litter bin 03.053.2

Street Furniture with style.

Tubus litter bin made of stainless steel. Abstract pattern cut in steel. Unique design
Tubus litter bin made of carbon steel. Abstract pattern cut in steel. Unique design
Tubus wastebasket with openwork pattern cut in steel
Unique look, stainless steel basket with cut-out fields with colourful insert
Unique look, stainless steel carbon steel basket with cut-out fields with colourful insert
Tubus from ZANO Street furniture - perforated bins
Openwork waste bin with coloured insert
Waste baskets with an original design

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  • stainless steel or carbon steel
  • insert in galvanised, powder-coated sheet metal

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  • capacity: 88 l

Dimensions: expand scroll down

  • width: 47 cm
  • height: 85 cm
  • depth: 47 cm

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Methods of installation: expand scroll down

  • attached by bolts to foundation

Container: expand scroll down

  • galvanized steel container
  • painted galvanized steel container

available colours

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Original project: Iwona Żaczek

All rights reserved.


product card

Description of the model

The Tubus litter bin is a popular street furniture litter bin for indoor and outdoor use. Version 03.053.2 is characterized by cut-outs of motifs related to plant cells in stainless or carbon steel. The interior of the basket is a cartridge made of galvanized sheet metal powder coated. According to the customer's order, the insert can be painted in any colour of the RAL palette. This model is larger than the basic model 03.053. Its dimensions are 85 cm high and 47 cm wide/long, while the model 03.053 is 80 cm high and 43 cm wide/long.

Tubus litter bins by ZANO Street Furniture

Tubus line of litter bins

Tubus bins are characterized by their construction based on the cylinder's body. Depending on the model, they are decorated with steel rods, wooden boards, sheet metal with organic pattern cut out. These are heavy, solid waste bins created for outdoor public spaces such as stations, shopping malls, parks, streets. The construction of these baskets is made of steel. You can choose from stainless steel or alternatively carbon steel, galvanised and powder coated in the indicated RAL colour. Wooden elements are made of softwood of Eurpeian origin. There is also a choice of hardwood protected by oiling. Tubus bins are available in four variants to choose from: without canopy and without ashtray, with integrated the ashtray, with a built-in ashtray and canopy and with the canopy itself. The bins are equipped with a removable insert, which can be accessed after opening the upper basket flap. Flap secured is through the lock, for which you need a key.

Tubus litter bins

Tubus city bins are available in three basic variants: Bin with steel bars, bin with wooden boards and bin with sheet metal all around with organic motifs cut out.


Each of the models of the Tubus bin comes in four variants to choose from: standard, with a canopy, with an ashtray and with a canopy and ashtray.

Waste bins with ashtray and canopy

Removal of the insert

The litter bins are opened from above and have removable inserts of galvanised steel. The chamber has a capacity of 65 L.

Interchangeable bin insert


Below you will find realisations of Tubus litter bins.

Tubus litter bin 03.053 made of carbon, galvanised and powder-coated steel in 9005 RAL colour

Tubus, modern urban litter bin, stainless steel

Tubus litter bin 03.053 made of stainless steel

Park furniture | Tubus litter bin

Tubus litter bin 03.053.1 made of carbon, galvanised and powder-coated steel in 9007 RAL colour, with softwood painted "oak"

Tubus litter bin 03.053 made of stainless steel

"Tubus" litter bin painted TigerDrylac "Rusty Iron" colour

Tubus litter bin 03.053.11 made of carbon, galvanised and powder-coated steel in Tiger Drylac colour

Tubus litter bin 03.053.2 made of stainless steel

Modern line

Modern line presents top quality products made of stainless steel and carbon steel. They were designed especially for the modern architecture. What makes them different is that subtle aesthetics based on simple solid, without any unnecessary ornaments.

Our litter bins

Aesthetic and functional projects. We meet all your product requirements by offering a standard litter bins and ashtray litter bins. What is more, some of those models have also special inserts made of galvanized steel, protected by functional locks.


As a leading manufacturer in Poland we always do our best to meet the customer’s requirements. ZANO is equally comfortable and experienced designing for different types of street furniture projects. We are passionate about creating beautiful, functional, sustainable models. This is achieved through a process of focused listening that seeks to truly understand and respond to the inherent nuances of each particular client.

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