Pavo recycling bin 15.063

Street Furniture with style.

Pavo recycling bin- carbon steel construction

Pavo recycling bin- stainless steel model
Pavo, wood and steel recycling bin ZANO Street Furniture
Made of High Presure Laminate and carbon steel, recyckling bin
Pavo, wood and steel recycling bin ZANO Street Furniture
Recycling bin paper mixed metal
Rust-coloured recycling bin
Street recycling bin
Waste separation basket - 3 compartments
Recycling bin colour RUST RAME SYNTHA PULVIN
Technical drawing of the Pavo recycling bin
dimensions of the Pavo recycling bin

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Weight: show hide

  • 110 kg

Materials: show hide

  • container - galvanised steel
  • construction - carbon or stainless steel, wood

Dimensions: show hide

  • width: 104 cm
  • height: 104 cm
  • depth: 30 cm

Capacity: show hide

  • number of containers: 3 pcs
  • capacity of one container: 50 l

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Casing: show hide

  • soft wood
  • hard wood (oil finish)
  • extra hard wood
  • HPL

Methods of installation: show hide

  • attached by bolts to foundation

Container: show hide

  • galvanized steel container

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Original project: Mateusz Wełmiński

All rights reserved.

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Description of the model

Recycling is a morally responsible decision that is easy to organize if you have optimal recycling bins for your city surroundings. ZANO Street Furniture recycling bins were designed to protect our environment and add a beautiful aesthetic to any streetscape. Presented Pavo recycling bin is a modern project made of high quality wood and carbon steel construction. It has a special colourful communication, which facilitate uncomplicated recycling. This environmentally friendly recycling bin has also a contemporary look, based on the highest quality materials. Thanks to the container’ triple design and special visual communication, ordering rubbish is really simple and fast.

Pavo litter bins

Pavo is a line of street furniture modern waste bins. It contains single litter bins, litter bins with ashtray as well as bins for segregated waste, also with ashtrays.

Opening method

Pavo litter bins are equipped with removable inserts of galvanized steel.

Pavo Litter Bin | Opening Method
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