Centro Fence 10.022

Street Furniture with style.

Centro Street Fence 10.022 | Carbon Steel
Centro park fence 10.022
Centro Street Fence 10.022 | Carbon Steel
Centro Street Fence 10.022 | Dimensions
Centro Street Fence 10.022 | Dimensions
Centro Street Fence 10.022 | Dimensions

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  • carbon steel

Dimensions: show hide

  • depth: 6 cm
  • overall width: 173 cm
  • bay width: 146 cm
  • depth (post base): 13 cm
  • overall height: 114 cm

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Methods of installation: show hide

  • attached by bolts to foundation

catalogue number: 10.022.SC

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Original project: Tomasz Szpytma

All rights reserved.

Model description

Centro 10.022 fence is functional and beautifully styled. It is made of carbon steel with original, decorative elements. Thanks to the carbon steel presented fence can be supplied in every colours of RAL palette standard colours. It can perfectly define areas in the streetscape and provide an attractive design element. Those fences are used to separate pedestrians or streetscape elements form vehicles. Centro 10.022 fences add color, design and interest to urban areas.

Centro fences

Centro fences are classic and simple in form urban steel fences. The whole fencing module consists of a span 10.022 and street bollard 01.052. It is possible to use another bollard of a similar shape.

Fence elements

The fence consists of an inner span and posts ordered separately in adequate quantity.

Retro line

Retro line includes projects designed in vintage style. Our retro street furniture is inspired by classic historical architecture. The decorations of retro line models are made of cast. Thanks to it we achieve great, original and unique character of our street furniture.

Our fences

Zano fences were created to separate roadways and pavements from green spaces in a safe and aesthetic manner. In addition to standard fencing sections, our offer also includes shorter modules, which enable you to elegantly end a fence line or combine it with other sections.


As a leading manufacturer in Poland we always do our best to meet the customer’s requirements. ZANO is equally comfortable and experienced designing for different types of street furniture projects. We are passionate about creating beautiful, functional, sustainable models. This is achieved through a process of focused listening that seeks to truly understand and respond to the inherent nuances of each particular client.