Porta Bicycle Rack 05.024

Street Furniture with style.

bicycle racks made of stainles steel sections
bicycle racks made of steel section
U-shaped bicycle rack- the most functional project
Stainless steel bicycle rack- functional and corrosion resistant
Bike racks made of stainless steel- durable models for modern surroundings
contemporary design bicycle rack
Bicycle parking rack made of steel
Bicycle rack Porta - dimensions

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  • stainless or carbon steel

Weight: show hide

  • 12 kg

Dimensions: show hide

  • width: 80 cm
  • depth: 5 cm
  • height from ground surface: 80 cm
  • height with anchoring section: 120 cm

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Methods of installation: show hide

  • embedded in concrete
  • attached by bolts to foundation

catalogue number: 05.024.SN

Enquire about this product:office@zano.pl+48 12 200 20 53

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popular product

ZANO- user friendly bicycle racks

user-friendly bicycle rack


Another minimalistic model of the ZANO Street Furniture bicycle racks range. As other projects, 05.024 stand is also an U-shaped model. It has a simple, unpretentious style which has been designed to suit urban and natural surroundings. It works perfectly installed in numbers as well as just a solitary stand. It is manufactured from stainless steel. Stainless steel is a durable, hygienic and safe material with low maintenance cost. A double sided 05.024 bicycle rack provides whole bicycle support for frame and wheels. For sure it will be aesthetic nad functional project for those who travel by bike. Porta bicycle rack can be instaleed in a concrete foundation or by anchoring.

Modern line

Modern line presents top quality products made of stainless steel and carbon steel. They were designed especially for the modern architecture. What makes them different is that subtle aesthetics based on simple solid, without any unnecessary ornaments.

Our bicycle racks

We produce our bicycle racks to guarantee secure and comfortable exploitation. In our offer you will find serial bicycle racks or free standing bicycle racks. Bicycle racks are a great protection for every bike. Thanks to the special design and stable mounts our bicycle stands are most secure against theft and vandalism.


As a leading manufacturer in Poland we always do our best to meet the customer’s requirements. ZANO is equally comfortable and experienced designing for different types of street furniture projects. We are passionate about creating beautiful, functional, sustainable models. This is achieved through a process of focused listening that seeks to truly understand and respond to the inherent nuances of each particular client.