Art Nouveau solar bench 02.484.1

Street Furniture with style.

Equipment of the "Szczepańska" solar bench by ZANO Street Furniture
Solar bench Szczepańska made of carbon steel and hardwood
Solid and durable outdoor bench with photovoltaic panels made of steel and hardwood
Solar bench Szczepańska made of painted carbon steel with hardwood
Solar bench Szczepańska made of carbon steel painted 9005 RAL with hardwood Sapeli
City bench "Szczepańska", city bench, solar bench
City bench with three charge ports for mobile phones
Wireless charger built-in solar bench "Szczepańska"
Smart Solar Bench supplier and manufacturer | ZANO
Bench with photovoltaic panels
USB module ver. 2022 | Solar benches with photovoltaic panels
Simple and fast charging of your smartphone thanks to the USB on the solar bench
Charging phone via solar bench "Szczepańska" from ZANO Smart City
Dimmensions of "Szczepanska" solar bench 02.484.1

specification show all hide all

Weight: show hide

  • 159 kg

Materials: show hide

  • carbon steel
  • wood: European coniferous or exotic

Basic equipment: show hide

  • ambient lighting
  • three USB A quick charge ports

Electrical specifications: show hide

  • battery capacity: 36 Ah
  • working temperature: -20°C - 60°C
  • max. output of photovoltaic panels: 100 W

Dimensions: show hide

  • width: 300 cm
  • height: 72 cm
  • depth: 62 cm
  • seat height: 47 cm

options show all hide all

Seat: show hide

  • soft wood
  • hard wood (oil finish)
  • premium hard wood

Methods of installation: show hide

  • attached by bolts to foundation

Sound module: show hide

  • none
  • bluetooth speaker
  • speaker with built-in memory

Wireless charger: show hide

  • none
  • 2 A, 10 W

Battery pack: show hide

  • gel batteries 36 Ah
  • lithium batteries 40 Ah

Wi-Fi hotspot: show hide

  • none
  • 2.4 GHz; 3G, 4G (no SIM card included)

LED lights: show hide

  • 2 x 1m (4.8 W / 1m) - neutral white

Logo: show hide

  • none
  • milled in wood

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Description of the model

"Szczepanska" solar bench with a steel structure and wooden finish is inspired by Art Nouveau style furniture. It is part of the Retro line, which combines traditional street furniture with furniture in the Smart City technology.

In its basic equipment, the bench has 3 USB charging ports type A in the standard quick charge 3.0, and LED lighting, which turns on automatically when darkness falls. Bench is fully autonomous thanks to photovoltaic panels, it is an independent source of energy. The bench is equipped with gel batteries with a capacity of 37 Ah. Bench can be further equipped with an wireless charger, music module with recorded music played by pressing buttons on the bench, Bluetooth speaker, Wi-Fi hotspot. For an extra charge you can replace the batteries with lithium batteries with a capacity of 40 Ah.

The bench is made of steel and wood. Steel is a choice of carbon steel, galvanized and powder coated in a color RAL specified by the customer, or stainless steel.

Wood used in the bench is softwood of European origin painted in a color specified by the customer. For an extra charge wood can be changed to hardwood protected by oiling.

It is possible to personalize the order by placing a logo in the wooden elements by milling, or on stainless steel elements by etching.

Solar bench, multimedia bench, smart bench by ZANO Street Furniture

Basic equipment

"Szczepańska" multimedia bench in the standard offer includes LED lighting, automatically activated after darkness falls, three USB A charging ports in the quick charge standard. The bench is powered by 5 photovoltaic panels with a total power of 100W. Each panel works autonomously, which means that the bench continues to charge when it is partially shaded. The bench is equipped with gel batteries with a total capacity of 36 Ah.

Equipment of the "Szczepańska" solar bench by ZANO Street Furniture

Additional options

It is possible to equip the bench with a speaker with built-in memory, where recordings are played back using buttons, or alternatively a speaker with bluetooth function, so you can play back recordings from your phone after connecting to the bench. Another option is an inductive charger, allowing you to charge your phone wirelessly (your phone must be equipped with this option). In addition, the bench can be equipped with a Wi-Fi module for Internet access. Gel batteries with a total capacity of 36 Ah can be replaced by lithium batteries with a capacity of 40 Ah.

Wireless charger - extra solar bench equipmentMusic modul with buttons with built-in memory and bluetooth speaker

Retro line

Retro line includes projects designed in vintage style. Our retro street furniture is inspired by classic historical architecture. The decorations of retro line models are made of cast. Thanks to it we achieve great, original and unique character of our street furniture.

Our benches

Our offer includes wide selection of great retro and modern benches. Besides standard models we also produce benches without backrest, two-sided benches and hexagonal benches. Our projects are perfect for the streets, parks, shopping centers and offices.


As a leading manufacturer in Poland we always do our best to meet the customer’s requirements. ZANO is equally comfortable and experienced designing for different types of street furniture projects. We are passionate about creating beautiful, functional, sustainable models. This is achieved through a process of focused listening that seeks to truly understand and respond to the inherent nuances of each particular client.

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