Concrete Elecrete, stal czarna, stal nierdzewna. Polimerconcrete. – innovative material not used so far in Poland. In comparison to concrete class B30 (very durable concrete use to build bridges) we have following differences :

PolimerobetonBeton B30
Resistance to squeezing Rc [MPa]80-11030
Tensile strenght during bending Rg [MPa]22-352-4
Tensile strenght during spliting rozłupywaniu Rr [MPa]8-121,5-2
Grindability [cm]0,1-0,20,6
Absorbability [cm]04-8

Aditional virtues:

  • Impermeable for liquids total leadproof
  • Freeze resistance thanks to soak ability
  • High resistance to chemical substance like acids
  • High resistance to scratches no spalling, preservation is not necessary
  • Thanks to natural substance it's ecological material easy to be utilizate
  • Resistance to changable weather conditions
  • Low gringability
  • Possibility of painting on any color of RAL classic Pallete


Polimerconcrete. – painted on any color of RAL Classic Pallete
Stainless steel - satin or polished
Black steel is painted on any color of RAL classic Pallete

Premiere of groove bench took place at international design festival in 2010
Project was accepted with enthusiasm, by people looking for a rest.